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標題: 利用頻率合成器設計基因時鐘
作者: 莊佳華
Chia-Hua Chuang
關鍵字: synthetic biology;genetic oscillator;clock signal;logic circuit;frequency;合成生物;基因震盪器;方波訊號;邏輯電路;頻率合成器
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This dissertation presents genetic frequency synthesizer circuits as a frequency multiplier or a frequency divider based on an existing genetic oscillator to synthesize a clock signal whose frequency is an integral or inverse integral multiple of that of genetic
oscillator. In the renowned literature, the synthetic genetic oscillator has been successfully built in Escherichia coli to generate a periodic oscillation. On the basis of this fact, an analogous electronic waveform-shaping circuit is constructed by a series of genetic Buffers to shape logic high/low levels of an oscillation input with a basic
sinusoidal cycle and generate a pulse-width-modulated (PWM) output with various duty cycles. For genetic frequency multiplier circuit design, the clock signal with the integral multiple of frequency of genetic oscillator is synthesized through some of the genetic
logic XOR gates integrating a variety of PWM signals. For genetic frequency divider circuit design, a synchronous genetic counter circuit based on the topology of the digital sequential logic circuit is triggered by a series of clock pulses to synthesize the clock signal with the inverse integral multiple frequency to the genetic oscillator. Simulation results demonstrate the proposed design.

本論文提出含有倍頻器與除頻器功能的基因頻率合成器電路,利用已存在的基因震盪器合成具有震盪器基頻的整數倍或倒整數倍之方波訊號。目前,合成基因震盪器已成功地建構在大腸桿菌中產生週期的震盪現象,於此基礎上,利用數個串接的基因緩衝器可建構類似電子電路中的波形整形電路(waveform-shaping circuit),重新調整輸入震盪訊號的邏輯高與低的準位,輸出具有不同責任週期(duty cycle)的脈衝寬度調變(pulse-width-modulation, PWM)訊號。對於基因倍頻器電路設計,可藉著數個基因邏輯互斥或閘整合基因波形整形電路所產生的不同責任週期之脈衝寬度調變訊號,合成頻率為震盪器基頻的整數倍之方波訊號。對於基因除頻器電路設計,利用數位循序邏輯電路的拓墣可建構同步的基因計數器電路,以基因波形整形電路所產生的週期脈衝訊號觸發,合成頻率為震盪器基頻的倒整數倍方波訊號。模擬結果證明本研究提出的基因波形整形電路可將震盪訊號轉換成不同責任週期的脈衝寬度調變訊號,所設計的基因頻率合成器電路也能以震盪訊號為基礎合成具有震盪器基頻的整數倍或倒整數倍之方波訊號
其他識別: U0005-0207201513024900
Rights: 同意授權瀏覽/列印電子全文服務,2015-07-16起公開。
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