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標題: 台灣風力發電機雷擊防護等級之研究
Research on the Lightning Protection Level of wind turbines in Taiwan
作者: 施易男
Yi-Nan Shih
關鍵字: Taiwan wind power;lightning protection level;lightning protection system.;台灣風力發電;雷擊防護等級;雷擊防護系統
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This essay makes use of the practical lightning data of the region where Taiwan Wind Power is located, formulating the evaluation of lightning protection in accordance of international standards to make comparison of evaluation of our research and 'Parameter Estimation Evaluation of Lightning Protection' by IEC 61024-1. The evaluation shows that it is critical to analyze the Lightning Protection Level of wind turbines in Taiwan by using the historical statistics of lightning energy data. Aside from keeping the lightning energy data over the years appropriately for big data research in the future, it also verifies the feasibility of the evaluation by our research. Furthermore, the essay can be applied to the selection of the sites of the wind turbines, the formulation of parameter for lightning protection specification, the basis of partial protection references, and the formulation of reasonable annually averaged number of lightnings as well. As a result, the essay can be used as the improvements and recommendations of future research of Taiwan wind power.

本文旨利用台灣風力機組所在地區實際之雷擊資料,並且依照國際標準所制訂之雷擊防護評估方式,比較本研究依據IEC 62305所定義的「雷擊防護峰值電流區間評估方式」與IEC 61024-1(出版於:1993年8月)所述「雷擊防護參數估算評估方式」兩者的不同。其評估結果顯示,利用歷史統計之雷擊能量資料,用來分析評估台灣地區風力發電機雷擊防護等級是一件十分重要的事情。除了建議將歷年雷擊能量資料加以妥善保存,作為日後大數據資料研究,也驗證本研究所使用的評估方式之可行性,並且可以應用在風力機組場址的選定、雷擊防護規格參數的制定、局部防護參考的依據、制定合理的年平均雷擊次數值,作為往後台灣風力發電研究改善及建議事項。
其他識別: U0005-1808201522252100
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