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標題: Fabrication of PDMS Flexible Thermoelectric Generators
作者: 林嘉哲
Jia-Zhag Lin
關鍵字: Thermoelectric generator;Fexible;PDMS.;熱發電元件;可撓性;PDMS
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This study develops the fabrication of PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) flexible thermoelectric generators. The thermoelectric structure is composed of 24 pairs thermocouple that is made of P-type thermoelectric material 〖'Bi' 〗_'2' 〖'Te' 〗_'3' and N-type thermoelectric material 〖'Sb' 〗_'2' 〖'Te' 〗_'3' . Each thermocouple is 4 mm wide, 1.5 mm long and 2 mm high, the space between thermocouples is 0.7 mm, and the surface area is 50×50 〖'cm' 〗^'2' . The flexible thermoelectric generators is designed by Solidworks and AutoCAD, and then assembled by turning over the mold. In order to achieve more flexible, perfused PDMS is used to manufacture the supporting base and package the thermoelectric generators. When the hot part temperature is 373 k and cold part temperature 293 k, the practical effect of the thermoelectric generators temperature difference between internal 55 K. The experimental results show The generators have an output voltage 3.37 V and a output power of 25.81 'μW' at temperature difference of 55 K. The voltage factor of the thermoelectric generators is 2.45 mV/' c' 'm' ^'2' K, and the power factor is '1.38×' 〖'10' 〗^'-2' 'μW/' 〖'cm' 〗^'2' 'K' ^'2' .

本研究利用高分子材料二甲基矽氧烷(Polydimethylsiloxane ,PDMS)配合P型熱電材料鍗化鉍和N型熱電材料鍗化銻製作具高度可撓性的熱發電元件,熱發電元件的面積為50×50 cm2 ,由24對熱電偶串連成熱發電結構,單一熱電偶結構尺寸為寬度4 mm、長度1.5 mm、高度2 mm、間距0.7 mm。利用Solidworks和AutoCAD繪製熱發電元件的結構設計圖後,再利用翻模的方式,製備熱電偶的形狀後進行熱發電結構的組裝,並灌注二甲基矽氧烷作為支撐基板和封裝,完成熱發電元件的製作。透過有限元素分析軟體ANSYS模擬結果可知,當熱發電元件冷熱端溫度分別為373 K和293 K時,熱發電元件內部實際作用溫差為55 K,而實驗結果顯示在此溫差下,熱發電元件輸出電位差訊號為3.37 V,輸出功率為25.81 μW,熱發電元件的電壓因子為2.45 mV/ cm2 K,功率因子為1.38×〖10〗^(-2 ) μW/ cm2 K^2 。
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