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標題: 使用加強型So and Chan方法的疲勞偵測系統
Fatigue Detection System using Enhanced So and Chan Method
作者: 蘇思豪
Su, Sih-Hao
關鍵字: 心電圖;So and Chan;R波;疲勞偵測;R peak;ECG;Fatigue detection
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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一般較常見的疲勞偵測系統是用利用駕駛的點頭頻率或是眨眼睛次數和頻率做判斷,但上述的方法通常是駕駛已經進入疲勞狀態後才發出警示,無法在先前做預防和警告駕駛人,本論文使用心率變異度分析(Heart Rate Variability, HRV)在頻域上進行分析來偵測駕駛人是否進入疲勞狀態,由於心率變異是有前兆的,用這種方式作為疲勞偵測將比由外部擷取資訊來進

本論文的重點是提出Enhanced So and Chan Method來改善原來的R波偵測演算法(So and Chan Method),此方法可有效地降低R波的偵測錯誤,將R波偵測正確率從94.61%提升到99.16%,我們使用FPGA開發板來完成R波偵測的驗證,然後將得到的RRI資料匯入PC並進行功率頻譜密度(power spectral density, PSD)分析可得到LF/HF,其結果可用來判斷駕駛人的精神疲勞狀態。 

Nowadays, there are more and more vehicles on the road. No matter cars, scooters, even airplanes, all of them need people manipulated. When people get tired, they may feel vision blurs, and slow reaction, and can not concentrate on driving. It will make people loss of ability to control the vehicles. Safe driving requires high level of mental concentration. Fatigue driving might cause serious traffic accidents.

The common fatigue detection systems use nod or blink frequency to make judgment. However, the above methods are using the information that the driver has already entered fatigue state . Hence, it can not early warn the drivers. In this thesis, we use heart rate variability analysis (Heart Rate Variability Analysis, HRVA) in the frequency domain to detect whether the driver enters fatigue state or not. Because there is a precursor of heart rate variability. we can warn the drivers earlier by this method and it’s a good help to prevent traffic accident.

To improve the “So and Chan method,” an “Enhanced So and Chan Method” is proposed in this thesis. It can effectively reduce the fail detection rate. A FPGA board is used to verify our algorithm. Then we take the RRI data into PC for power spectral density analysis to get LF / HF. The results can be used to determine the driver''s state.
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