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標題: A Study on the Structural Parameters of Joint Interface
作者: 李萱
Hsuan Lee
關鍵字: joint interface;modal testing;parameter identification;finite elementmodel;接合界面;模態測試;參數辨識;有限元素模型
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The correctness of simulating results from the finite element analysis software is closely related to the way to define the joint interface between structures. In this study, aim to get the closely result of experiment and simulation, we do modal testing and simulation and compare the results of the experiment and simulation for the single structure. After confirming the results of the simulation and experiment are similar, doing modal testing of the combined structure and repeat the experiment after changing the conditions of joint interface. We can get the equivalent stiffness and damping matrices of joint interface by using the method of parameter identification. Finally, substitutes the matrices into the contact condition of finite element analysis model to do the analysis.
During the calculation of the parameter identification formula, it's been found that is not necessary to measure whole structure to get the parameters of joint interface but only measure specific position of the structure. After the experimental of measure, the parameters of joint interface can be get through the appropriate formula.
According to the results of the experiment and simulation in this study, there have larger error between simulation and experiment if we simplify joint interface directly during the finite element analysis. We should consider the contact way of the joint interface being the basis to choose appropriate contact condition in the finite element analysis, so that we can get the closely result of experiment and simulation. We can also know that if the form of design structure is satisfy the design requirement or not by the experiment and simulation of changing the contact condition.

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