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標題: Spray coating of anti-reflection thin film
作者: 謝佳樵
Chia-Chiao Hsieh
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In this study, spray coating was implemented for the deposition of organic/inorganic hybrid anti-reflection (AR) thin film. Compared with the conventional physical vapor deposition (PVD) process, spray coating possesses advantages such as spraying coating of a single layer of low refractive (LR) material is enough to provide effective anti-reflection, AR films with various sizes can be fabricated, the cycle time is relative short, the cost is low, deposition on chip and mother glass can be conducted, and the expensive umbrella-shaped fixture is not required.

The low cost wet-spray process was implemented in this study. The optimal thickness of the deposited film having the best transmittance was measured to be 100.02 nm. This optimal film had an average water contact angle (WCA) of 92°−95°, which is within the scope of the standard. It was also observed that the spray coated AR thin films possessed better wear resistance than that deposited by the PVD process.

The optical characteristic of the spray coated AR films was characterized by the spectroscopic ellipsometer and the haze meter, while the physical characteristic was measured using the pencil hardness tester and the cross-cut test, the chemical resistance was investigated by the sweat test and the rganic solvent soak test, and the anti-smudge property was characterized using the permanent marker and the finger printing.

本研究使用溶膠凝膠法(Sol-gel)製備具抗反射性質的有機無機混成之抗反射(Anti Reflection)薄膜,AR by Spray 作業的優勢有搭配低折射率的 LR 材料,僅做一層 single layer 即可快速達到具有低反射效果的介面,鍍膜尺寸多樣化,可彈性應用於 cell 或中片作業,相較於蒸鍍製程,Spray 製程具有 cycle time 短的成本優勢,且無須依不同尺寸開立昂貴的蒸鍍傘架治具。

本研究成功的採用低成本的濕式製程之噴霧式(Spray)噴塗法進行作業,並成功找出最高穿透率之最佳的鍍膜厚度 100.02 nm,其平均水接觸角可維持在 92°~95°。除此之外,本研究在耐磨耗次數觀察比較下,也發現到抗反射材料在同為濕式製程的噴霧式與蒸鍍式之鍍膜下,其特性品質表現也會有所差異。

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