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標題: Evaluation of mechanical properties of bulky Lead zirconate titanate
作者: 林育群
Yu-Cyun Lin
關鍵字: piezoelectric;micro tensile testing;楊氏係數;PZT壓電材料;拉伸試驗
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This thesis evaluated Young's modulus of bulky lead zirconate titanate (PZT) by micro tensile test, nanoindentation test and analytical calculation. First, bulky PZT was formed in dog bone shape using micro-milling and was tested in micro tensile test. Second, bulky PZT was measured by nanoindetation test. Finally, bulky PZT was bonded on copper substrates and shaped in the form of fixed-fixed beam. Resonant frequencies of fixed-fixed beam were evaluated and used to calculate Young's modulus in analytical model. Average Young's modulus 90.5GPa 92.73GPa and 75.6GPa were investigated by micro tensile test, by nanoindetation test and by analytical calculation.

由實驗結果得知,利用微拉伸試驗法求得之楊氏係數平均值為90.5 GPa、奈米壓痕法所測得三點楊氏係數平均值為92.73 GPa、共振頻率法測得之楊氏係數為75.6 GPa。
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