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標題: The Application of Homography in Line Laser Profilometry
作者: 李承和
Cheng-He Lee
關鍵字: Camera Calibration;line laser scanning;Homography;攝影機校正;線雷線掃瞄;單應性
引用: [1]Néstor Arias, 'A hand-held 3D laser scanning with global positioning system of subvoxel precision',Journal ofPhysics:ConferenceSeries 274 (2011) [2]R. Y. Tsai, 'A Versatile Camera Calibration Technique for High-Accuracy 3D Machine Vision Metrology using off-the-shelf TV cameras and Lenses',IEEE. J. of Robotics and Automation, Vol RA-3 NO. 4, pp. 323-344, (1987). [3]Zhang.Z,'A flexible new technique for camera calibration',Technical Report MSR-TR-98-71, Microsoft Research, (1999). [4]Wei Zhenzhong,'3D coordinates measurement based on structured lightsensor'.Sensors and Actuators,A:Physical2005;120:527–35. [5]LiuB,'Measuring method for micro-diameter based on structured-light vision technology'.Chinese Optics Letters 2010;8(7):666–9. [6]Fan, 'Optimal shape error analysis of the matching image for a free-form surface', Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing 17 (2001) 215-222 [7] XieZexiao, ' Study on a full field of view laser scanning system ', International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 2007;47:33–43 [8]Yin-guo Huang, 'Calibration method for line-structured light multivision sensor based on combined target', EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2013 2013:92. [9]Tsai, 'Calibration and analysis of eccentric error of the laser rotary-scanning measurement system', Measurement 45 (2012) 47–53 [10]Zhang, 'Novel three-dimensional data conversion technique andprofile measurement system for enginecy linder head blank', Optics &Laser Technology 45(2013)697–701
The purposeof this studydevelop a novel non-contact measurement system of three-dimensional and calibration.Line laser triangulation measurement method which architecture is line lasers, cameras, measurement.This method can utilize thetriangular geometry, through digital images to measure the objects in space coordinate information.First, we set up a camera calibration model to get the cameracoordinates and image coordinates and world coordinates betweenrelationship of coordinate conversion.Again we have to make line laser tothin and filtering, finally, we directly use the intersecting planes of measuring object planeand the line laser projection plane betweenthe digital image plane geometry translation relationship,to obtain projection relationship of the two planesbyHomography, complete a simple and efficient calibration procedures to measure the contours of three-dimensional objects.

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