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標題: 具適應性DCM控制與開關縮放之電流模式直流轉直流降壓電路
Current–Mode DC-DC Buck Converter with Adaptive DCM Controller and Switch Scaling
作者: 高慈穎
Kao, Tzu-Ying
關鍵字: 降壓電路;Buck;直流轉直流;電流模式;DCM控制;開關縮放;DC-DC converter;Current mode;DCM control;Switch Scaling
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本論文使用台積電0.18μm CMOS 製程,設計一個具有適應性DCM控制與開關縮放電路電流模式控制的高速降壓電路。現今的可攜式產品與無線感測系統需求下,高速電路的應用使電路被動元件降低,進而縮小電路體積與面積,以符合晶片整合目標。但卻伴隨輕載效率降低的缺點,因此運用適應性DCM控制提升輕載效率,在重載加入開關縮放電路使整體效率提升。

Power management systems convert the battery voltage to the supply voltage needed for different products, such as RF power amplifier circuit , portable products and so on. The guidelines of power management systems are high conversion efficiency, high accuracy, low noise ,small area and low cost. This thesis presents the design of a switching regulator which utilized different negative feedback control circuits with a self-adjusting ability to achieve high conversion efficiency.
This thesis presents a high-speed current-mode control buck converter with an adaptive DCM controller and switch-scaling circuit using TSMC 0.18 μm CMOS process. For the tiny wireless sensor nodes and the portable electronic devices, using high speed converter is necessary. There are many advantages of using high speed converters, such as scaling down the passives and reducing the area and volume of the chip to achieve the goal of “System on a Chip-SOC”.The adaptive DCM controller is used to overcome the poor efficiency of light load and the switch-scaling circuit is utilized to improve the efficiency of the loading region.
The proposed DC-DC converter has over 80% peak efficiency at 50-300 mA . The maximum loading is 300 mA, and all the required passive components are at nanoscale. By using the adaptive DCM controller , the switching frequency is 200kHz-50MHz.The input voltage is 1.8V and the output voltage is 1.2V.The output ripple is below 10% of the output voltage.
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