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標題: Fiber Type Point Image Spectrum Analyzer
作者: Cheng-Hung Shih
關鍵字: hyperspectral imager;insect pests control;infrared light;fiber type;高光譜;病蟲害防治;紅外光;光纖式
引用: [1] 國研院儀科中心-”高光譜影像儀發展現況” [2] 單色器- [3] 李龍正博士簡報─”光電眼鏡的應用”. [4] 黃鼎名。”機載遙測技術及環境應用”,儀科中心簡訊,第92期 [5] 林育菁。2001。”蓮霧及木瓜內部品質之近紅外光檢測”。臺北。國立臺灣大學生物產業機電工程學研究所碩士論文。 [6] 王驥魁、朱宏杰、 林志交、 曾義星。 ”全波形光達與高光譜影像融合於地物分類應用” [7] 李汪盛 。”圓形轉盤式非破壞水果糖度分級機之研發” [8] 陳志軍。2010。”高光譜影像系統人機介面之研製”。桃園。國立中央大學光電科學與工程學系光電顯示產業研發碩士專班論文 [9] 葉玉堂、饒建珍、肖峻,”幾何光學”。清華大學出版,民國94年 [10]耿繼業、何建娃,”幾何光學”。全華科技圖書,民國90年 [11] 像差的形成 維基百科: [12] II-VI Infrared, [13]奧秋儀器股份有限公司, [14] 鏡頭的像差 [15] 望遠鏡基礎原理
Human’s eyes perceive the color and images around environment, which are gained by visible wave of electromagnetic spectrum. However, there is much important information like high-voltage discharge, water pollution, insect pests control and fruit sweetness, which are gained by invisible wave of spectrum. Therefore, traditional scanning and filtering spectrum analyzer’s major function is designed for reading optical information, but both of them had some defects such as low speed, complex structure, high cost and large data. In this thesis, we want to improve these situations and propose a new method of spectrum analyzer which is high speed, low cost, simple structure, little data. The new structure of transmission combines light collection of fiber with cross sight of line, which uses reflect mirror and transmission fiber to capture spectrum of point image. In addition to, it can synchronize point image and spectral value. In the future, if the structure can be developed and produced successfully, it will not only be used to professional work but also enter domesticity to enhance quality of life.

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