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標題: Fabrication technology research of nickel nozzle plate for micro nebulizer
作者: Yun-Shan Jian
關鍵字: micro-nozzle;Proximity printing;electroforming;微噴嘴;近接式曝光法;電鑄
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In this study, diffraction effect of proximity printing is used to fabricate the curvature of conical structure. Next, micro-nozzle plate with particular hardness was fabricated by electroforming. The dimension of micro-nozzle plate can be defined by the mask precisely. Three steps were included in this study. First, Trace Pro simulation soft was used to simulate the illumination distribution when light pass through the mask and gap. And the result of this simulation was used to design the mask. Second, the conical structure can be fabricated by photolithography. The top size of conical structure was 5.8 μm, bottom size was 15.5 μm and the height was 37 μm. After the pattern of conical structure was defined, the micro-nozzle with 4 μm apertures was deposited by electroforming. Third, Comsol simulation soft was used to analyze and simulate the velocity of flow and flow distribution.

本研究利用近接式曝光法(Proximity printing)產生的繞射效應(Diffraction effect),製備出有曲率之圓錐狀微結構,再結合電鑄技術形成具有硬度之噴嘴片,可藉由光罩定義尺寸大小來製作微噴嘴結構,能更精準的控制噴嘴尺寸規格。而本研究可分為三個部分,在第一個部分中,首先利用Trace Pro光學模擬軟體,模擬光線經光罩及間距後,在光阻表面所呈現的光照度分佈。並針對模擬結果去設計光罩;第二部份則是利用微影製程製作出頂端尺寸5.8 μm、底端15.5 μm、高為37 μm之圓錐狀微結構,再結合電鑄技術成功製作出孔徑大小為4 μm的微噴嘴片。而在第三個部分則是利用Comsol模擬軟體來模擬流速及流場分布,進而分析其可應用於微型霧化器之可行性。
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