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標題: 蒸鍍CIGS薄膜之成長機制研究
The growth mechanism of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin films during evaporation process.
作者: 張鈺淇
Yu-Chi Chang
關鍵字: 太陽能電池;銅銦鎵硒;蒸鍍;Solar cell;CIGS;evaporaion
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We product CIGS absorb layers by three-stage evaporation process. The CIGS thin films deposited on the Mo/Al2O3 and Mo/SLG, The experimentals are the Cu flux, Cu/(In + Ga) ratio and substrate temperature.
In the second stage, CIGS thin film is deposited on a Mo/Al2O3. In、Ga are transported quickly by Cu vacancy of Cu2-xSe, so that it helps the grain size of CIGS grows, and becauce diffusivity of Ga is slower than In, that causes Ga granding.When changing the Cu flux, the distribution of Cu in the thin film is non-uniform and this phenomenon can improve the deffusion rate of In, Ga durning the third stage. CIGS thin films almost form (112) orintaion, but in the high Cu flux and high Cu/(In+Ga) ratios it will change the orintaion to (220/204).
CIGS thin film is depositied on Mo/SLG durning the third stage. Na is increasing the mobility of surface atoms to promote Ga diffusion in the thin films and the more Cu vacancy which can generat the more NaInSe2.
CIGS thin film is depositied on different substrate temperature durning the third stage.When the substrate temperature rised, the Ga diffuse to the top of thin film of CIGS. Na added to CIGS thin film, when the substrate temperature rised, the grain size is increasing, and Na2SeO3 prohibit the Ga deffusion in the surface.

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