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標題: 類鑽碳薄膜應用於精密玻璃模造之研究
Diamond-Like Carbon Thin Films Applied in Precision Glass Molding Technology
作者: 林明建
Min-Jian Lin
關鍵字: 類鑽碳;精密模造玻璃;DLC;Glass molding
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DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) film is a kind of film that possesses high hardness, low friction, extremely good chemical stability, insulating and heat-conduction excellent, wear-resisting characteristic of dawdling. Revealing the important application on industry. In this study, we used ion-evaporation to deposit DLC film,the plasma source came from three –electrode structure including the filament and the anode and the high-temperature metal (refractory) a direct current arc discharge ion sources. This method is also called Ion plating.With characteristics of ion-evaporator and DC-plasma CVD.
Benzene (C6H6) gas mixed with HMDSO was used in this study.To explore the content of Si atom% under different gas proportions how to influence DLC film.Raman spectrum was used to analyze the content of SP2;SP3 and their variation,and to derive a suitable gas proportion and heat-conduction for DLC film with better qualities.
Finally ,we use best DLC films in precision glass molding process.we deposited this kind of DLC film on superhard tungsten carbides.In precision glass molding process for more massive production.

類鑽碳(Diamond-Like Carbon,DLC)是一種具備高硬度、低摩擦係數、極佳物理及化學穩定性、富絕緣性及熱傳導性佳、耐磨耗等特性之薄膜,在工業上有著重要的應用。本實驗利用離子化蒸鍍法(Ion-evaporation)來沉積DLC薄膜,其中電漿源(Plasma source)是以熱燈絲(Filament)與陽極(Anode)及高溫金屬(Refractor)的三極構造的直流電弧放電離子源的離子電鍍(Ion Plating)法,此系統具有離子蒸鍍法及直流電漿CVD法等特徵。
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