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標題: 臺灣東部岩岸潮間帶原足目(甲殼亞門:囊蝦總目)之分類研究
Studies on taxonomy of the order Tanaidacea (Crustacea: Peracarida) of rocky shore of eastern Taiwan
作者: You-Wei Tzeng
關鍵字: 分類;原足目;奇異鞭尾蟲屬;偽近鞭尾蟲屬;合鞭尾蟲屬;印度鞭尾蟲屬;細螯蟲屬;非擬原足蟲屬;聯蟲屬;原足蟲屬;Taxonomy;Tanaidacea;Paradoxapseudes;Pseudoapseudomorpha;Synapseudes;Indoapseudes;Leptochelia;Aparatanais;Zeuxo;Tanais
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Tanaidaceans (Crustacea: Tanaidacea) are small peracarid crustaceans inhabiting a wide range of marine habitat, occuring in the full range of depth, and also commonly found in coral reefs, with a predominantly tubicolous life-style. In Taiwan, the information on the taxonomy of Tanaidacea is limited. The purpose of the present study is to initiate the taxonomic research on these small delicate crustaceans by focusing on the intertidal species from rocky shore habitats in eastern Taiwan. As the result, nine species were identified, with four species belonging to the suborder Apseudomorpha and five species belonging to the suborder Tanaidomorpha. Of four Apseudomorpha species, three were new to science and had been described, whereas one new recorded species was documented for Taiwan. Of five Tanaidomorpha species, two were new to science and also had been described. The remaining three species, two unknown and one new recorded species from Taiwan, are described and documented in the present study. The key morphological characters, such as the number of antennule flagellum segments, the number of aesthetascs, the morophology of lacinia mobilis and incisor of mandibles, the number and pattern of spines on pereopods, the number and pattern of plumose setae on pleopods, and the number of uropod segments, etc., between the present species and corresponding congeners were tabulated. The key to the species of Tanaidacea from Taiwan is also provided.

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