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dc.description.abstract隨著科技的進步,網路的應用愈來愈普及,行動上網更成了很多人生活的必需品,在這樣的情況下,使用者對行動網路速度的需求日益增加,而各大標準機構也紛紛提出新的網路的標準,像是LTE和WiMAX。LTE是3GPP所制定的第四代行動通訊技術,也是通訊產業的一大躍進,許多國家已經開始投入使用LTE系統。 在無線行動網路的環境下,使用者在進行通訊服務時可能會有移動的情形發生,而換手的動作則是讓使用者移動到另一個基地台時沒有中斷情形的發生,考慮到使用者移動的隨機性,通常會有許多不必要的換手情形發生,導致降低使用者的服務品質。 因此,本篇論文為了充份利用網路的資源,提出了一個基於使用者移動性的換手技術,經模擬測試後,證實可以有效的減少不必要的換手情況發生。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractAs the growth of the technology, Internet has developed rapidly. For many people, Mobile Internet has become a necessity of life. This situation causes users to require higher transmission speeds on Mobile Networks. In order to solve this problem, the network standard agencies are proposing new network standards like LTE and WiMAX. The standard proposed by 3GPP, LTE is 4G technology and a major step forward for the communications industry. Many countries are developing in LTE Systems. In wireless mobile network environment, users may have some move case during communication service. Handover enables users with ongoing communication to move to another base station without any interruption. By considering the random walk movement, usually lead to performing some unnecessary handovers. These cause the reduction of system capacity. Therefore, in order to make full use of network resources, we proposed a handover technique based on user mobility in this paper. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can obviously reduce unnecessary handovers.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents第一章 緒論1 1.1 研究背景與動機1 1.2 研究目的與方法1 1.3 章節介紹2 第二章 背景知識3 2.1 LTE的基本架構3 2.1.1 EPC簡介4 2.1.2 E-UTRAN簡介5 2.1.3 RRC連線6 2.1.4 LTE技術狀態與特徵8 2.2 LTE系統的換手流程9 2.3 EstiNet網路模擬器12 2.3.1 EstiNet平台介紹13 2.3.2 EstiNet四種運作模式14 2.3.3 EstiNet LTE功能介紹14 第三章 系統設計20 3.1 換手的種類和情境20 3.1.1 軟式和硬式換手20 3.1.2 換手的情境20 3.2 相關換手演算法21 3.2.1 Power Budget Handover Algorithm21 3.2.2 Integrator Handover Algorithm22 3.3 路徑流失模型23 3.4 移動性參數25 3.5 移動性參數的實驗26 3.6 系統架構30 第四章 模擬結果33 第五章 結論與未來工作41 5.1 結論41 5.2 未來工作41 參考文獻42zh_TW
dc.titleA Handover Technique Based on User Mobility for LTE Network Systemsen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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