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標題: 市政債的報酬率可以被預測嗎?
Are Municipal Bond Returns Predictable?
作者: Wenfeng Zhou
關鍵字: 美國市政債報酬率;預測性;總體經濟預測變量;金融市場預測變量;municipal bond returns;predictable;macroeconomic predictors;financial market predictors
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美國市政債的市場規模很大並且吸引了很多投資者,瞭解市政債市場有助於投資者進行投資決策。本研究從實證分析上探討了美國市政債的報酬率是否可以被預測。通過Panel Predictive Regression分析,本文發現,美國市政債的報酬率可以被總體經濟變數和金融市場變數所預測。之後,本文還發現相對於金融市場變數,總體經濟變數對市政債報酬率的預測有更重要的貢獻。最後,本文發現,具有大的PIN值和低流動性的債券,即風險更大的債券,總體經濟變數的貢獻值會更加的大。

The Municipal bond market is very large and understanding it will be necessary for the investors in making decisions. This study provides an empirical analysis on whether municipal bond returns are predictable. Using Panel Predictive Regression analysis, we found that the macroeconomic predictors, and the financial market predictors can predict the return of municipal bonds. Furthermore, we found that macroeconomic variables make up the majority of contribution to the predictability. Finally, we found that the contribution of macroeconomic variables is higher on the bonds with higher value of PIN and low liquidity, which are more risky.
其他識別: U0005-0807201516242700
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