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標題: 違約迴廊與股票報酬率預測
Default Corridor and the Ex-postStock Returns
作者: Cheng-Yu Li
關鍵字: 違約迴廊;違約風險;信用風險溢酬;股票預期報酬率;Default corridor;Default risk;Stock expected return
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本篇研究主要探討,假設公司股票價格如同 Carr and Wu (2011)指出若存在一段股票價格不會進入的違約迴廊(default corridor)下 公司極度深度價外美式股票賣權所,形成之單位保障合約價格是否與股票預期報酬率呈現高單位保障合約價格高股票預期報酬率的關係。接著進一步探討公司極度深度價外美式股票賣權單位保障合約價格減去公司信用違約交換合約的單位保障合約價格之價差與公司股票預期報酬率之關係,以了解跨市場的增額資訊是否能預期公司未來股票報酬率。實證結果顯示,公司極度深度價外美式股票賣權單位保障合約價格與股票預期報酬率並無呈現顯著的高單位保障合約價格高股票預期報酬率;然而在跨市場增額資訊方面,較高的跨市場增額資訊有顯著的較高股票未來報酬率。最後於精確性檢定,發現以跨市場增額資訊大小所形成之投資組合與 Friewald,Wagner and Zechner(2014)以信用風險溢酬大小排序所形成之投資組合相似程度不高。

Under the assumption which Carr and Wu (2011) point out that stock price have a default corridor where stock prices were never drop in.This study investigates the relationship between the deep out-of-the-money American put optionimplied price of unit recovery claim and stockexpectedreturns is positive, or not. Furtherexamines whether the difference between the impliedunit recovery claim price from the deep out-of-the-money American put option and credit default swap can expect feature stock return. The empirical result show that there is no economicalsignificant can support the relationship between the deep out-of-the-money American put option implied price of unit recovery claim and stock expected returns is positive. But there have economical significant show that the higher cross-market difference ofunit recovery claim price is,the more feature stock return will have.Under the robust test we also find that the organization of portfolio construct from sorting cross-market difference of unit recovery claim priceis difference from the portfolio sorting by credit risk premium which is point out from Friewald,Wagner and Zechner (2014).
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