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標題: 焦點效應與長期股價報酬
Attention Effect and Long-term Stock Return
作者: Pei-Min Hsu
關鍵字: 焦點效應;股價報酬;attention effect;stock return
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This paper studies how attention effect affects long-term stock return in Taiwan's listed stock market. This paper hypothesizes that stock price will correct and reverse to fundamentals as a result of short-term attention-driven mispricing. In my methodology, we calculate attention effect indices to provide a quantitative indicator of the strength of attention effect. In empirical results, firstly, we find that attention effect index has significant negative impact on long-term stock return and the portfolio of high-index has negative mean return. we also find that long-term stock return is more sensitive to atten-tion effect during the financial crisis of 2007-2009 due to the behavior of investors' flight-to-quality. Furthermore, long-term stock return of certain firms—small size, low B/M, young, high idiosyncratic risk—is also more sensitive to attention effect. Finally, we use some attention-based investment strategies and find that we can get good long-term stock return. Consistent with hypotheses, empirical results support that atten-tion-driven stock price will experience the process of mispricing to correction.
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