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標題: Personal Data Management: An Architectural Framework for Personal Cloud Mobile Application
作者: 王聖文
Sheng-Wen Wang
關鍵字: 個人雲;手機應用程式;備份;跨平台;智慧型手機;smartphone;mobile application;personal cloud;backup;cross-platform
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Along with the mobile application usage increases, there is more information stored in the phone nowadays. Once the storage of the phone is lost or broken, all of the information will be gone at a time. Thus, backing up data is very important for mobile phone users. However, storing information in other devices is still risky, and it is inconvenient to transfer data between devices. Therefore, it is better to upload our mobile data into the cloud service.
In this research, based on the concept of service-oriented computing (SOC), a cross-platform mobile service architectural framework will be presented and implemented. The proposed cloud backup application enables users to synchronize mobile data to cloud storages within different mobile platforms. Thence, the cross-platform-ability of the data will be enhanced. Furthermore, if we synchronize all the information from mobile phones to the cloud, each phone can be considered as a unique personal cloud.

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