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標題: Integrated Cloud Storage Architecture for Enhancing Service Reliability, Availability and Scalability
作者: 蘇文祺
Wen-Chi Su
關鍵字: 雲端儲存;雲端服務整合;雲端備份;服務導向運算;cloud storage;cloud service integration;cloud storage backup;service-oriented computing
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With the development of Internet technology, cloud storage becomes more and more popular. Nowadays, there are many free cloud storage services available on the Internet, such as Google and Dropbox. However, using free service still has some restrictions and problems. These free services can be more convenient, when the following problems are solved. The first problem is the limitation of free service such as space limit, file size limit and file type limit. Secondly, different cloud storage service has different functions, thus some users may need to use more than two services simultaneously in order to fulfill their needs. The process of logging on and using multiple services will be very complicated. In addition, incidents such as server down or other internet problems often make users unable to access their data or even worse–to lose all their data. The goal of this research is to build a service (named as Cocktail) to solve these problems and enhance the reliability, availability and scalability of free cloud services. In this research, we use the service-oriented computing architecture as the fundamental development approach. Re-design the architecture to eliminate the disadvantage of the architecture and enhance the service quality.

隨著網路技術發展,雲端儲存變得越來越熱門,目前有許多公司提供免費雲端儲存服務,像是Google及Dropbox。但是免費服務通常都會有限制,像是檔案格式、空間大小、上傳檔案大小等等。因為不同的雲端儲存服務供應商提供不同的功能,有些使用者可能因為個人需求同時使用多個雲端儲存服務,對於此類使用者來說,登入、登出及管理檔案等步驟將會非常的複雜。除此之外,資料只存在一個雲端服務上,要是伺服器或雲端儲存服務供應商的網路出了問題,可能造成資料無法存取或資料損毀。本研究的目的是開發一個整合雲端儲存空間的服務 (Cocktail) 來破除免費雲端儲存空間之限制及解決上述的問題,提升服務的可靠性、可用性和可擴展性,並探討本服務未來的應用價值。在本研究中,使用了服務導向運算架構當作開發方法的基礎,並修改該架構之缺點以提升服務的品質。
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