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標題: Using Patent Litigation Data to Identify High- Value Software Technology Areas and Find Potential Partners
作者: 李小喬
Joseph Lee
關鍵字: 專利訴訟中;M&A的估值;技術預測;軟件專利;Patent litigation data;M&A valuation;Technology forecasting;Software patents
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This thesis develops a model for using patent litigation data in conjunction with traditional patent value indicators such as patent age, Technology Cycle Time (TCT), citation index (CI), and patent scope to identify high value technological areas and potential cooperative partners. The model produces firm-centric value reports that focus on a particular firm's strategic perspective. The purposes of these reports are to (1) aid technology forecasting and strategic planning, and (2) strategically identify and assess potential cooperative partners. Patent metrics are used to rank USPTO subclasses and defendant firms. Three software-related scenarios (HTC, Luxgen and Big Data) have been used to test the efficacy of the model. The results of the reports are also analyzed to determine their viability.
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