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標題: 借殼上市公司之盈餘持續性探討
The Study of Earnings Persistence for the Reverse Merger Firms
作者: Chia-Han Wu
關鍵字: reverse merger firms;earnings persistence;stock abnormal returns;seasoned equity offerings;借殼上市公司;盈餘持續性;股價異常報酬;現金增資
引用: 一、 中文部分 余尚武、楊政麟,1997,台灣企業借殼上市之經濟行為與股價報酬之關係,經濟情勢評論,第3卷第3期,206-221頁。 林進富,1999,公司併購教戰守則,聯經出版事業公司,第71~73頁。 林惠卿,2001, 借殼上市法律問題之研究,東吳大學法律學系碩博士論文 考掄元,2008,企業私募衍生問題之探討-以上市上櫃公司為例,臺北大學犯罪學研究所學位論文。 吳啟銘、劉博文,1999,盈餘品質與股票報酬效果,中國財務學會1999年會暨財務金融學術論文研討會論文集。 吳克昌,1999,集中交易市場借殼上市之探討,證交資料,第452期,第9~17 頁。 沈中華、李建然,2000,事件研究法 財務與會計實證研究必備,華泰文化事業公司。 邵新建、賈中正、趙映雪、江萍、薛熠,2014,金融研究-借殼上市、內幕交 易與股價異動—基於ST類公司的研究 ,第407期,第126~142頁 洪麗芬,1999,借殼上市對股東財富的影響,國立政治大學財務管理研究所 碩士論文。 倪偉倫,2002,借殼上市公司的代理問題與經營績效之關係,國立政治大學 財務管理學系碩士班。 黃君葆,2000,借殼上市財務及法規範之研究,朝陽科技大學財務金融系研究計劃。 曾梓祺,2014,台灣借殼上市公司績效表現之研究,國立臺灣大學財務金融學研究所碩士論文。 劉冠隆,2012,在美國借殼上市中國公司的財報品質,成功大學財務金融研究所學位論文。 鄭哲惠、吳博欽、薛富井,2011,穩健會計與盈餘持續性-考慮不同組成的穩健 性指標,會計審計論叢,第52卷第1期,頁77-101。 二、 西文部分 Ali, A. and P. Zarowin, 1992, The role of earnings levels in annual earnings-returns Studies, Journal of Accounting Research 30:286-296. Ali, A., T. Y. Chen, and S. Radhakrishnan., 2007, Corporate disclosure by family firms. Journal of Accounting and Economics 44:238-286. Arellano Ostoa, A., and S. Brusco. 2002. Understanding reverse mergers: a first approach. DEE - Working Papers. Business Economics. WB. Adjei, F., K. B. Cyree and M. M. Walker, 2008. 'The Determinants and Survival of Reverse Mergers vs. IPOs', Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 32, No. 2, pp.176-194. Choi, H. ,1994. Anlysis and Valuation Implications of Persistence and Cash-Content. Dimensions of Earnings Components Based on Extent of Analyst Following. Ph.D dissertation, Georgia Institute of Technology Carpentier, C., Cumming, D., and Suret, J.M. ,2012. The Value of Capital Market Regulation: IPOs Versus Reverse Mergers.' Journal of Empirical Legal Studies , 9(1), pp56-91. Collins, D. W., and S. P. Kothari. 1989. An analysis of the intertemporal and cross-sectional determinants of earnings response coefficients. Journal of Accounting and Economics 11: 143-181. Dechow, P. M., and I. D. Dichev. 2002. The quality of accruals and earnings: the role of accrual estimation errors. The Accounting Review, Vol. 77 (4), 35-59. Dechow and Schrand,2004. Earning Quality. The Research Foundation of CFA Institute. Dichev, I. D., and V. W. Tang. 2009. Earnings volatility and earnings predictability. Journal of Accounting and Economics 47(January-February): 160-181. Floros, I. V., and Shastri, K. ,2009. A Comparison of Penny Stock Initial Public Offerings and Reverse Mergers as Alternative Mechanisms to Going Public. working paper, University of Pittsburgh. Gleason, K. C., L. Rosenthal and R. A. Wiggins , 2005. 'Back into Being Public: an Exploratory Analysis of Reverse Takeovers', Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol. 12, pp.54-79. Gleason, K. C., R. Jain and L. Rosenthal, 2008. 'Alternatives for Going Public:Evidence from Reverse Takeovers, Self-Underwritten IPOs, and Traditional IPOs', Financial Decisions , Vol.20, No.1, pp.1-24. Kormendi, R., and R. Lipe. 1987. Earnings Innovations, Earnings Persistence, and Stock Returns. Journal of Business 60:323-345. Lev, B. and R. Thiagarajan ,1993, Fundamental Information Analysis, Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 31(2), 190-215. Penman, S. H., Zhang, X. 2002, Accounting conservatism, the quality of earnings, and stock return, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol.29, 125-149. Ramakrishnan, R., and J. Thomas. 1991, Valuation of permanent, transitory and price-irrelevant components of reported earnings, Working Paper, Columbia University. Richardson, V. 2000. Information Asymmetry and Earnings Management: Some Evidence. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting15:325-347 Richardson, S., R. Sloan, M. Soliman, and I. Tuna, 2005. Accrual reliability, earnings persistence and stock prices. Journal of Accounting & Economics 39, 437-485. Sloan, R.G., 1996, Do stock prices fully reflect information in accruals and cash flows about future earnings?, The Accounting Review, Vol. 71: 289-315. Xie, H., 2001, The mispricing of abnormal accruals, The Accounting Review, VOl. 76, 357-373
This study compared the earnings persistence of IPO companies and backdoor listed companies. The study use the abnormal returns and seasoned equity offerings to be variables to measure that impact of earnings persistence of backdoor listing firms. In this study, including all listed companies in the sample from 1996 to 2013, and use Sloan (1996) model to estimate the company's earnings persistence.

The empirical results show that earnings persistence of IPO firms is higher than reverse merger firms. In addition, the degree of stock abnormal returns and whether issue seasoned equity offerings are no statistically significant impact on earnings persistence of reverse merger firms.


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