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標題: G 公司的品牌經營管理與行銷經驗
The Management and Marketing of the Brand of a Tape-cutter Company
作者: Chia-Fang Chang
關鍵字: exhibition;brand;marketing strategy;參展;品牌;行銷策略
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本研究探討在快速變遷的環境中,G 公司經營者對自創品牌經營模式和行銷配置的經驗,進一步探討個案 G 公司歷史、經營理念與願景,主要的營業項目與營收成長,並分析參展與不參展對企業行銷配置的利弊得失,相對所採取的行銷策略,成功與否的關鍵,本研究結論如下:
G 公司行銷配置成功之關鍵在於,對品質的要求、重視市場區隔,產品採差異化、專利及商標的重視與堅持、對新產品及創新產品的不斷追求、對專用機器
本研究之成果及建議,能讓企業的經營者,隨著 G 公司的經營策略將各個關鍵要素融入組織內,成為公司內所有員工的努力目標,並形成公司文化特質及相關的管理準則,成為明確且堅定的願景。

This study investigated the experience about G Company create their own brand,business model and configuration in the fast-changing environment. Further, we investigate G Company's history, philosophy, prospect, operating projects and revenue
growth; also we analyze pros and cons of G Company exhibit or not exhibit, marketing strategies, and the key to success. The conclusions are as follows:
The key to success of G Company's marketing configuration lies in quality requirements, attention to market segmentation, product differentiation, attention and insist on patent and trademark, constant pursuit of new and innovative products, insist on the development of a dedicated machine for reduce the demand for labor, emphasis on brand image, and the prospect of company unwavering.
Results and recommendations of this study provide G Company's business strategy to managers of companies, and integrate various key elements in organization. It will become the target of all employees achieved within the company, also become the company's cultural characteristics, associated guidelines for the management, and prospect of company.
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