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標題: P 公司維修 iPhone4s 的成本與價值鏈分析
Cost and Value Chain Analyses of iPhone4s Repaired by P Company
作者: Hung-Pin Yu
關鍵字: iPhone;The Repair of Mobile phones;Value chain;Cost analysis;iPhone;手機維修;價值鏈分析;成本分析
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從 2012 年開始智慧型手機的市占率逐漸升高超過傳統型手機 帶動智慧型手,機市場的則是蘋果公司所生產的 iPhone 手機,iPhone 手機以每年一支的方式更新一個機種而逐漸培養出死忠的粉絲,iPhone 手機的使用者逐漸增加的情況下造成iPhone 手機的維修產生逐漸增加的市場價值。
本研究欲探討現行 iPhone 手機維修的經濟價值,透過 iPhone 手機維修的流程步驟與價值鏈分析,希望了解 iPhone 維修時主要的成本組成方式與維修 iPhone的主要價值為何。
透過次級資料的蒐集進行 iPhone 維修價值分析,本研究結論如下:

2.iPhone 手機維修時,材料成本的多寡取決於是否能有效重複利用主機板,若能有效利用主機板維修成本則越低。

3.現行的 iPhone 手機維修流程由於不論是何種狀況都需要耗費同樣的人力去維修,相對浪費較多的人力成本。


At the beginning of 2012, the market share of intelligent mobile phones increased over which of the traditional mobile phone gradually. The market of intelligent mobile
phones is driven by the mobile phones, iPhone, which Apple Corp produced. Apple Corp cultivates s diehard fans by the way of releasing one iPhone mobile phone every
year gradually. Under the circumstance which the iPhone users are increasing, the rate of repair with iPhone mobile phones makes a gradual increase in market value.
The study will discuss the current economic value with the repair of iPhone mobile phone to understand the whole value and the main cost components with the repair of iPhone through the process of repair and the value chain analysis of iPhone mobile phones. The followings are the result of the study:
The highest rate in repair cost is material cost. Therefore, it is the most important issue for the repair mobile phones to know how to reuse materials.
The cost of materials depends on whether it can effectively reuse the motherboard.If it effectively made the motherboard repaired, the cost of material would be low.
The current process of repairing iPhone mobile phones, no matter what breakdown of them will use the same human resource to repair them. In other words, it will waste the labor cost on this process.
Even though current repair process spent a lot of material and labor cost but consumer get the new material made phone.
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