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標題: 台灣遊戲產業發展之危機與轉機
The Crisis and Opportunity of Taiwan Gaming Industry
作者: Chia-Ming Chang
關鍵字: Mobile game;PC on-line game;行動遊戲;PC線上遊戲
引用: 艾瑞諮詢中國網路遊戲研究報告(2015) 李欣(2014)'拿什麼拯救你?被大陸'蹂躪'的台灣遊戲產業'(17173遊戲網) 奇摩Yahoo電玩白皮書(2014) 姜漢儀(2014) 資策會(MIC) 行動遊戲市場趨勢與商機 經濟部數位內容產業年鑑 (2012) 經濟部數位內容產業年鑑 (2013) 資策會遊戲產業研究報告(2014) 預測2017年全球遊戲市場發展趨勢&中國地區洞察報告(2014) 愛德華(2014)愛德話遊戲2014行動暨遊戲產業市場概況 鄭少凡(2013)'曾經世界第三,台灣遊戲產業失落的十年'(看雜誌129期)
回顧台灣的歷史,從90年代開始,台灣的製造業跟科技產業都在世界上是占據重要地位,PC相關的周邊產業更是有多項硬體產品佔據世界第一,而台灣的PC遊戲市場也在當時蓬勃發展,在2000年的PC DIY風潮助長下,線上遊戲與當時的次世代主機遊戲相比,毫不遜色。



From year 1990, manufacturing industry & high tech industry both take lead of the world, there were many market share No.1 accessories of PC industry. Meanwhile it was booming in PC on-line game biz as well. PC on-line gaming biz was a strong competitor to console gaming biz, due to PC DIY was very popular in Taiwan.
In 1980, console gaming evolution started from Nintendo 8bit console to Sony playstation, Microsoft Xbox and PC on-line game in year 2000. Playing games was considered as not healthy entertainment and the society was always against TV or PC games. Furthermore, people always create linkage between criminals and game playing. Under such circumstance, it is not hard to see the difficulties of gaming industry moving forward. However, Taiwanese still made great efforts to develop gaming biz and now Taiwan market is around Top 10 market of the world. We, Taiwanese, sure impressed the word by creativeness and toughness of doing biz.
This thesis is trying to do the research about Taiwan gaming biz, to see if it can create another miracle in competitive market of mobile gaming biz. Will we be able to see the glory of PC gaming biz which is remarkable in ten years ago.
其他識別: U0005-1108201522145300
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