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標題: 應用於拿普龍箱包裝檢測之影像識別技術
Dense Box Packaging Inspection by Using Image Recognition Technology
作者: 陳昱帆
Chen, Yu-Fan
關鍵字: 影像處理;Image processing;樣板比對;封裝打帶;缺陷檢測;影像識別;template matching;packing bands;defect detection;image recognition
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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This thesis is on the research of applying the image recognition technology to the detection of packaging defect of Dense Box of fully loaded LCD panels.
The Dense Box is a semi-finished products of LCD panel used for the transportation of a bearing mounted body. It’s used to protect the LCD panel during transportation, avoiding vibration and collision. The vibration or collision may cause damage or even rupture. The Panel damage is not only actual loss, but also increases operation cost and loss of profit. In this research, we adopt image recognition process for inspecting whether the bearing mounted body of the packaging is normal. In our case, there are three kinds of improper packing: 1)no superstructure, 2)spacer exposed and 3)packing bands NG. In this research, we use a webcam to obtain images. The images will be segmented into foreground objects and background. Then, the foreground objects will be identified. In this research, we used real images to do experiments. In the experiments, we achieve a 99% accuracy.
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