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標題: Image based bicycle riding posture examining system
作者: 劉昭祥
Chao-Shyang Liou
關鍵字: Bike fitting;color scale reduction;histogram similarity measurement;降低色階;直方圖相似
引用: [1] Bike Dynamics - Bike Fitting Specialists ( [2] Bike fitting ( [3] Henri H. C. M. Christiaans and Angus Bremner, 'Comfort on bicycles and the validity of a commercial bicycle fitting system,' Delft University of Technology, School of Industrial Design Engineering, Vol.29, No. 3, pp. 201-211, 1998. [4] Marc R. Silberman, David Webner, Steven Collina, Brian J. Shiple,'Bicycle Fit,' PRACTICAL MANAGEMENT, pp.271–276, 2005 [5] Ramesh Jain, Rangachar Kasturi, Brian G. Schunck, 'Machine Vision,'McGraw-Hill, 1995. [6] Wikipedia, The free encyclopedia, 'Content-based image retrieval' ( [7] Arnold W. M. Smeulders, Marcel Worring, Simone Santini, Amarnath-Gupta, Ramesh Jain, 'Content-Based Image Retrieval at the End of the Early Years,'PATTERN ANALYSIS AND MACHINE Clin J Sport Med,INTELLIGENCE, VOL. 22, 2000. [8] Daidi Zhong, Irek Defee, 'Performance of similarity measures based on histograms of local image feature vectors,' Pattern Recognition Letters, Vol. 28, pp. 2003–2010, 2007. [9] Genetic Algorithm ( [10] Chun-Jung Chen, 'Research of Application of Genetic Algorithms on Vision System Calibration and Dimension Measurement,' Graduate-Institute of Applied Science and Technology, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, 1991. [11] SP Ehsani, HS Mousavi, BH Khalaj, 'Chromosome Image Contrast Enhancement Using Adaptive, Iterative Histogram Matching,' IEEE Tran. Machine Vision and Image Processing (MVIP), 2011. [12] Andy Pruitt, Fred Matheny. (2006) 'Andy Pruitt's Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists,' UK: Ingram Pub Services.
This study proposes a tracking riding targets method for bike fitting system, and uses information of tracking coordinates like angles to give some riding advice and feedback. Bike fitting system adjusts riders in a comfortable posture to get satisfied sports effect, reduce the wrong posture or avoid sports injuries. The tracking riding posture system in this thesis uses image processing method to track the targets, and reference the
research of cycling expert to check whether angles are correct. Since we paste color patch on the trunks, this study proposes color scale reduction and histogram similarity measurement to save computing time. By Andy Pruitt's study which proposed comfort and suitable angles, we can check angles in frames of a riding video. Meanwhile, we use genetic algorithm to adjust the pixel area size and the scope of forecasted secondary target for optimal parameters.

本研究針單車校正系統( Bike Fitting System)提出追蹤軀幹目標點的方法,並利用座標點得出相關資訊(角度),以供給予建議和回饋。單車校正就是調整騎乘者於舒適的姿勢下,得到滿意的運動效果;此外還能減少姿勢不對或單車尺寸不合引起的運動傷害。目前單車專家有利用人工或是電子系統來做校正,但人工方式太費時而市面上的電子系統又相當昂貴,因此我們提出一個可以輔助專家對騎乘影像進行追蹤與判斷姿勢的系統。
本篇論文提出追蹤騎乘單車姿勢系統是利用影像處理方法來追蹤軀幹目標點 並且參考單車專家的研究來幫忙判定軀幹角度是否正確。,由於騎乘者軀幹位置有貼上固定顏色貼片,本研究提出降低色階與使用像素區域的直方圖相似度測量,以達到節省計算時間。在判定軀幹角度是否正確中,藉由 Andy Pruitt 所提出的舒適角度對連續圖片進行比對。同時以基因演算法調整像素區域與預測次張追蹤目標範圍的大小,而達到參數最佳化。
其他識別: U0005-1104201511574100
Rights: 同意授權瀏覽/列印電子全文服務,2018-05-11起公開。
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