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標題: RFID Location-based Healthcare System
作者: 黃裕閔
Yu-Min Huang
關鍵字: Healthcare Information Technology;RFID Positioning;Location-based System;健康照護資訊化;RFID定位;空間定址系統服務
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In recent years, due to the rapid growth of the elderly people, shortage of healthcare staff and increasing of medical negligence. Nowadays, information technology is import to healthcare industry. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which is used to identifying and tracking is one of the most important techniques in 21 century. This study use RFID system to implement the indoor positioning system which is tracking medical equipment in the medical center or related areas of healthcare.
In this study, A RFID position will be used in indoor positioning and combines with LBS (Location-based System) to implement a locating system. With the user-defined of tag name, activator position and the floor plane in the system. A RFID raw data sends to the system which shows the equipment position from RFID reader. The position of equipment will be shown via mobile Android-based system in real time. The RFID data and the floor plane are synchronized by web server. Therefore, the time for staff to locate the equipment is dramatically reducing via the system. The ISSM (Information System Successful Model) was applied to check the impact of the system. The results revealed that most of respondents are positive toward the system.

近年來,由於社會老年人口大幅成長、醫療照護人員短缺不足加上醫療照護疏失增加等因素,健康照護產業資訊化已成為是一個未來發展的目標。無線射頻辨識(Radio Frequency Identification, RFID)是21世紀重要技術發展項目,其應用於識別及追蹤等功能。本研究希望利用RFID可以實現在醫療院所的室內定位功能,即時追蹤各項醫療設備。
本研究藉由RFID適用於室內定位之特點,結合空間定址系統 (Location-based System, LBS),以此實作出追蹤定位系統。在系統上自訂Tag名稱、框選Activator的位置及載入樓層平面圖,RFID定位資訊由讀取器傳送至定位系統,以此來呈現所在位置。手機端使用Android平台開發,藉由Web Server同步RFID定位資訊及平面圖,以列表即時顯示醫療設備的目前位置。因此,使用此系統可以讓醫護人員不用免於花時間在尋找設備上,可以隨時隨地的找到設備位置及在短時間內盤點完設備,節省醫護人員大量的時間,為更多的患者服務。本研究使用資訊系統成功模型(Information System Successful Model, ISSM)來驗證此系統對醫護人員與醫療院所是否有成效,分析結果顯示本系統對醫護人員與醫療院所確實有影響效果。
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