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標題: Reversible data hiding based on block scaning and adjacent pixel difference
作者: 王健宇
Chien-Yu Wang
關鍵字: Information Security;Data Hiding;Histogram Modification;Reversible Data Hiding;Adjacent Pixel Difference;資訊安全;資訊隱藏;直方圖修改法;可逆式資訊隱藏;鄰近像素差值
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Reversible data hiding differs from traditional data hiding , reversible data hiding techniques can recover the original image from the stego image without any distortion after extracting the hidden infomation. In this thesis , we propose a method based on histogram modification based low complexity algorithm which can reply type of information hiding , By the image block, difference value of each block is calculated by different scanning order, choosing the difference value histogram of bestscan order by comparing difference value sequence. Based on some popular test images, experimental results are emonstrated to carry out that under the same embedding capacity, the algorithm we proposed improves 5%~36% capacity of embedding secret information greatly. Besides PSNR is ideal afterembedding secret information

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