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標題: 應用於衛星數位廣播標準DVB-S2之載波回復架構設計與模擬
Designs and Simulations of Carrier Recovery Architectures for DVB-S2 Satellite Broadcasting System
作者: 陳奕中
Chen, Yi-Chung
關鍵字: 衛星廣播;DVB-S2;載波回復架構;低訊雜比;Carrier Recovery;Low SNR
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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DVB-S2是第二代衛星數位廣播系統,應用的層面很廣,包括衛星廣播電視或是網際網路的存取,在專業的應用上則有數位電視的新聞採集(DSNG)、網際網路流量分配和網際網路的中繼鏈結。DVB-S2採用較新的編碼技術,外部編碼採用BCH碼,內部編碼採用低密度奇偶檢查碼(Low-Density Parity-Check code,LDPC code),在相同的傳輸條件下,其傳輸效率較前一代的DVB-S約多出了三成的傳輸容量。整個衛星數位廣播系統被設計可以在低訊雜比(SNR)的環境下運作,以適應不同傳輸環境的應用。在衛星數位廣播系統中,在接收端需要加入載波回復架構,來對接收訊號作頻率飄移與相位誤差的估測,並針對估測的值做補償,來回復到正確的訊號。
在本論文中,我們探討幾個用於衛星數位廣播系統的載波回復架構與演算法:延遲乘積(Delay and Multiply,D&M)演算法、Luise and Reggiannini(L&R)演算法、Mengali and Moreli(M&M)演算法、改良式M&M演算法、旋轉角度估測演算法及盲蔽式相位誤差估測演算法;並且將以上演算法組成多個包含有粗調估測器及微調估測器的載波回復架構,觀察接收訊號在不同訊雜比,以及在QPSK、8PSK、16APSK、32APSK等四種調變下收斂的情況,並比較在不同調變下的符元錯誤率與均方根誤差,以期望達到DVB-S2的規格要求。

DVB-S2 is the second-generation specification for satellite broad-band applications. The DVB-S2 system is implemented of the following applications: TV broadcasting, internet access and professional services, such as digital satellite news gathering and internet trunking. DVB-S2 uses the newest encoding technologies. The outer encoding function uses the BCH code, and the inner encoding function uses the LDPC code. Under the same transmission condition, the transmission efficiency of DVB-S2 gains 30% transmission capacities more than the previous DVB-S. The whole DVB-S2 system is designed to be operated in low SNR environments. In the digital satellite communications, to reconstruct the accurate symbols from the distortion received signals, the receiver side needs the proper carrier recovery loop to estimate and compensate the frequency offset and phase error.
In this thesis, we discuss several carrier recovery algorithms, which include: the Delay and Multiply (D&M) algorithm, Luise and Reggiannini(L&R) algorithm, Mengali and Moreli(M&M) algorithm, the modified M&M algorithm, the rotate angle estimate algorithm, and the blind phase estimation algorithm. Then we combine the above algorithms to obtain the proposed carrier recovery structures with the coarse estimator and the fine estimator. Finally, we compare the symbol error rate and the mean square error among four different modulations, i.e. QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 32APSK.
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