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標題: 中國反貪腐政策:一場贏得民心的戰鬥
Anti-Corruption with Chinese Characteristics: Battle for the Hearts & Minds of the Chinese People
作者: 康志揚
Yaroslav Kit
關鍵字: 中國;貪腐;反貪腐;China;Corruption;Anti-Corruption
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All countries face some political corruption problems. China has vigorously pursued anti-corruption campaigns for decades and, according to international NGOs and academics, presently still faces a serious corruption crisis. In China, fighting corruption is not only a popular concern of the masses, it is also a serious issue for political candidates within the Chinese Communist Party. As the anti-corruption issue rises in salience, it poses both problems and opportunities for both political candidates and civil society activists. The economic reforms that were enacted thirty years ago unleashed a vast amount of wealth in China and millions have been raised out of poverty. However, while the elite few have prospered, the masses have been left behind. The perception of this injustice has fuelled social unrest in the form of protests, and has empowered an increasingly rights-conscious and vocal citizenry. This unrest has created a threat of instability for the CCP. In order to contain this unrest and to maintain stability, the CCP has responded by attempting to 'manage the public's perception of corruption' and thus appear more responsive to the needs of the masses. However, in order to maintain CCP rule, the Party is keeping off the table significant political reforms that could better fight corruption at the root. Herein lies the dilemma for the CCP; how to fight corruption and maintain one-party rule on the one hand, and alleviate the masses' concerns regarding corruption, social injustice, and demands for greater political reform on the other. Through constructing, maintaining a monopoly on, and propagating political narratives, the CCP has attempted to portray itself as an egalitarian party committed to upholding a clean government that is capable of providing the public goods that the masses require; hoping that this would lead to stability and maintain the status quo. The rights-conscious element of China's civil society has voiced a 'competing discourse', and contrary to CCP official rhetoric, is seen as an unwelcome element (variable). Thus the purpose of launching anti-corruption campaigns is not to fight corruption at the root, but to maintain the Party's preferred narratives and to neutralize disharmonious competing voices that are seen as a threat to the Party's leadership.

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