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標題: 雷射誘發氫化非晶質矽再結晶研究
Laser induced amorphous si film recrystallize
作者: 鄭郁錦
Jeang, Titan
關鍵字: recrystallize;再結晶;poly-crystalline Si;TFT-LCD;laser;多晶矽薄膜;薄膜電晶體液晶顯示器;雷射
出版社: 材料工程學研究所

Compared with CRT monitors, TFT-LCD has the advantages of smaller volume and no radiation. Moreover it shows better display quality than STN-LCD. Although commercial TFTs made of amorphous silicon offered satisfactory performance in display, poly-crystalline silicon TFT with better electrical characteristics could be used for displays of even higher quality.
Presently, various methods were used to obtain crystalline Si thin films including the powerful method of laser induced crystallization of amorphous Si. In this thesis, we investigated the structure of the poly-crystalline Si produced by laser (Nd:YAG) induced crystallization of amorphous Si under the control of laser wavelength, substrate temperature, scan speed, thickness of SiO2, and laser energy density……etc.
From the experimental data, the grain size of the poly-Si increases with increasing laser power density except for the overheating condition. Furthermore, under the same conditions of substrate temperature, thickness of SiO2 layer, and laser power density, the large grain size and the high crystallinity of the poly-Si were obtained at low scan speed. Therefore, how to properly control the heat dissipation is the major factor in obtaining the microstructure for the poly-Si film.
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