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標題: The Technology Acceptance Model and the Acceptance Levels of Mobile Learning on EFL Teaching
作者: 張婉珍
Wan-Jeng Chang
關鍵字: Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL);Multimedia Annotations;Technology Acceptance Model (TAM);行動輔助語言教學;多媒體注釋;科技接受模式
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 14, Issue 4, Page(s) 57-81.
This study aims to explore the perception of undergraduates of their mobile English learning (focusing especially on multimedia annotations), and to understand their acceptance level via Technology Acceptance Model. Variables of Technology Acceptance Model in this study involve perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived learning effectiveness, systematic characteristics, and continuance intention. One-group posttest-only design was used in this study. The participants were 51 sophomores (15males and 36 females) majoring in English in a University of Technology in central Taiwan. Major research findings include: 1. The participants generally agreed on the five variables of Technology Acceptance Model. 2. Significant difference was not found in the five variables by gender. 3. Statistically significant differences were reported in the five variables with regard to the students' actual usage. 4. The five variables were significantly and positively correlated with each other, especially continuance intention versus perceived learning effectiveness. Finally, conclusions are drawn and suggestions are made as to the implications of these findings for EFL teachers.

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