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標題: 八十年來唐宋史議題中關於特定商品集市之 研究
作者: 許凱翔
Hsu, Kai-hsiang
關鍵字: 特定商品;集市;市場;定期市;廟市;The Fair/Market of Special Goods;Fair;Market;Periodical Market;Temple Fair
Project: 興大歷史學報, Issue 27, Page(s) 107-136.

The article provides a literature review of researches on the fair/market of special goods in past historical issues in Tang and Song dynasties since 1933. In accordance with the major changes in two research aspects: that of terminological usage and classification of fairs/markets and that of research topics. This article illustrates that the trend has shifted from social-economic history underpinned with theories of social transformation to multiplex and micro case studies, and proposes the research prospects of the fair/market of special goods.
ISSN: 1028-2009
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