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標題: 鋁箔在有機溶劑中的浸蝕行為研究
The Etching Behavior of Aluminum Foil in Organic Solvents
作者: 馬照杰
Ma, Chao Chieh
關鍵字: aluminum;鋁;methanol;ethanol;etching;pH value;conductivity;hydrogen ion;alkyl;甲醇;乙醇;浸蝕;酸鹼值;導電度;氫離子;烷基
出版社: 材料工程學研究所

This thesis studies the etching behavior of high purity aluminum in various aqueous and non-aqueous organic solutions. The effect of different parameters such as the solution concentration, conductivity, pH value and the amount of salt added was evaluated by the weight loss of aluminum. Surface analysis techniques such as ESCA and SEM were used to understand the chemical configuration transformation and surface morphology of the etched aluminum. The roles of hydrogen ion, hydrogen bond and alkyl are clarified.
In the non-aqueous solutions, the methanol and ethanol solvents added with AlCl3 show the best etching results in terms of weight loss; in the aqueous solutions, the etching result in methanol is good, but it is even better in the 95wt%CH3OH+5wt%H2O+AlCl3 solution. For ethanol, the best etching result occurs in the 25wt%C2H5OH+75wt%H2O+AlCl3 and 100wt%H2O+AlCl3 solutions.
The experiment is valuable in understanding the etching behaviors of aluminum and its planization process, and elucidates the electrochemical mechanism of aluminum both in aqueous and non-aqueous systems.
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