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標題: 整合蟻群演算法及田口方法於火力機組排程之研究
Integration of Ant Colony System and Taguchi Method for Thermal Unit Commitment
作者: 黃志誠
Huang, Chih-Cheng
關鍵字: 蟻群系統;Ant Colony System (ACS);田口方法;機組調派;Taguchi Method;Unit Commitment
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本論文提出一個整合蟻群演算法及田口方法(HTACS) 處理火力機組調派問題。HTACS 提供一個強大的全域搜尋能力。當蟻群系統每支螞蟻走完所有行程,在全域費洛蒙更新前,將田口方法整合到蟻群系統中。利用田口方法有系統的推論能力將這次疊代產生的機組排程和目前最佳解的機組排程輸入到田口方法,讓田口方法利用正交矩陣及信號雜訊分析,重組這兩個機組排程,並能快速的找出較好因子組合進而產生更佳的機組排程,進而增強了螞蟻的搜尋能力。因此HTACS較傳統ACS更為強健、準確及快速收歛效果。本論文所提出的方法運用在10部火力機組的排程問題上,分別將ACS及HTACS產生的結果進行比較,証明HTACS其性能優於傳統ACS。所得到的結果是可行、強健及更為有效。
關鍵詞: 蟻群系統、田口方法、機組調派。

In this paper, a hybrid Taguchi-Ant Colony System algorithm (HTACS) is proposed to deal with the unit commitment (UC) problem. The HTACS integrates the Taguchi method and the traditional Ant Colony System algorithm (ACS), providing a powerful global exploration capability. The Taguchi method is incorporated into the ACS process before its global pheromone update mechanism. The systematic reasoning ability of the Taguchi method is employed in selecting better UC solution quickly for representing new potential UC schedules and consequently, enhances the ACS algorithm. Therefore, the HTACS can be more robust, statistically sound and quickly convergent. The proposed model has been demonstrated on a practical ten-unit system to demonstrate its performance. Our results show that the proposed method is feasible, robust, and more effective on the UC problem than traditional ACS methods.

Keywords: Ant Colony System (ACS), Taguchi Method, Unit Commitment
其他識別: U0005-1507201214010100
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