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標題: 多層磁性薄膜Co-Pt-Cr/Cr/AlNi微結構與磁性之研究
The Study of Magnetism and Micro Structure of Magnetic Thin Films Co-Pt-Cr/Cr/AlNi
作者: 官振台
Kwan, Jen-Tai
關鍵字: Magnetic Thin Films;磁性薄膜;EELS;Hard Disk;Charge Transfer;電子能量損失能譜;硬碟;電子轉移
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
在高密度記錄媒體的製造上,合金成份與含量。大部分為經驗法則並無一定之規則可循。本實驗主要利用能量損失能譜量(Electron Energy-Lose Spectroscopy EELS)量測3d軌域電子變化,找出合金(Pt)與含量與磁性之關連性。
於實驗中,利用穿透式電子顯微鏡、X-ray繞射儀、Auger Electron Spectrometer,(AES)與Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis, (ESCA)量測儀等儀器分析市售之硬碟其成份與結構。另外擷取磁性記錄層之能量損失能譜。與用物理氣相沈積純的鈷元素及鉻元素之能量損失能譜比較其3d軌域電子變化之情形。
由實驗結果可知市售之硬碟片為CoCrPt/Cr/AlNi之多層膜,每層膜厚均小於40nm,晶粒大小約為10nm。且磁性層擁有織構,利用中間層Cr(112)織構增強磁性層CoCrPt( )的織構,來增加磁性層之磁晶異向性。在3d電子軌域變化,瞭解磁性層之鈷元素3d軌域比純鈷平均每個原子少0.3個電子;磁性層之鉻元素3d軌域比純鉻平均每個原子少2.1個電子。

In the manufacturing process of high-density hard disk, the reason of addition of different kinds of alloys with varied compositions is still not very clear. In this work, we used Electron Energy-Lose Spectroscopy, (EELS) to measure the filling of 3d shell, and related to the magnetism for the CoCrPt magnetic thin films.
We analyze microstructures and compositions of magnetic thin film from commercial hard disk by Transmission Electron Microscopy, X-ray spectrometer, Auger Electron Spectrometer,(AES) and Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis,(ESCA). Then we acquire EELS spectrum and compare 3d-occupancy changes with those of pure Co and Cr.
The Sequence of multilayer thin films is C/CoCrPt/Cr/AlNi, and the thicknesses of each layer are 5, 20,35,30nm respectively. The grain size of CoCrPt layer is about 10 nm. The magnetic layers have the texture of CoCrPt( ) situated above Cr(112). We found that the Co lost 0.3 d electrons per atom as in the magnetic layer and the Cr lost 2.1 d electrons per atom.
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