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標題: On the Review of Taxonomic Status of Liliaceae
作者: Chien-Ti Chao
Hsy-Yu Tzen
Yen-Hsueh Tseng
關鍵字: 廣義百合科;狹義百合科;分類地位;系統分類;Liliaceae s. l.;Liliaceae s. str.;Taxonomic status;systematic botany
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume 37, Issue3, Page(s) 143-159.
The concept of Liliaceae was first presented in the research of Adanson in 1763, and formalized by de Jessieu in 1789. Many authors discussed the taxonomic status and circumscription of Liliaceae in from then on. According to the literature reviewed, we classify the taxonomic history of Liliaceae into 4 periods, namely forming, sensu lato, transition and sensu stricto stages. The forming stage was from 1764 to 1845, the concept of Liliaceae was formed and developed, the circumscription of Liliaceae was still unclear. From 1846 to 1981 was sensu lato stage. This was the longest period, researchers commonly accepted Liliaceae s. l., the discussion often focused on the intra-family rank, such as subfamily or tribe. The concept was changing in the transition stage (1969-1979), new evidences didn't support Liliaceae s. l. as a simple monophyletic taxa, and it were divided into several groups by many authors, but still some authors didn't follow such treatment. When the history entered 1980, more and more systematic treatments the Liliaceae s. str. After then, Liliaceae s. str. comprised only few genera. Except for the Liliaceae s. str., the taxonomic status of remain taxa were incongruent among different authors. In this article, we reviewed the taxonomic status in the different systems, elaborating the evolving history of Liliaceae, confirmed the acceptance of monophyletic Liliaceae s. str., and the challenging problems in the future.

百合科 (Liliaceae) 的概念首見於Adanson (1763) 的研究,由de Jussieu正式發表於1789年,本科分類地位及範圍之更迭,歷來為學者討論之重點。本文回顧相關研究,將百合科分類地位的演變區分為四個時期。形成階段 (1763-1845) 為本科概念發軔之時,該時期的分類系統仍於發展階段,尚無明顯的脈絡。廣義階段 (1846-1968) 中,學者普遍接受廣義百合科,與分類地位相關的研究報告的對象常及於亞科或族。過渡階段 (1969-1979) 中狹義百合科的概念首次出現,但未被廣泛接受。直到1980之後,由於新的證據出現,使得狹義百合科的概念發展越趨成熟,許多新的系統採用狹義百合科的概念。雖然狹義百合科的範圍相對穩定,但許多細分後分類群於不同系統中常有很大的變動。本文目的在於比較不同系統間百合科的分類地位,說明本科的歷史演變,證諸廣義之百合科已不再適用,而未來將面臨細分後分類群之定位等問題。
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