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標題: The Effects of the Outdoor Education Program, "Forest Backpacker Hostel" on Elementary School Higher Grades' Environmental Education at Neishuangxi Nature Center
作者: Ying-Ming Lai
Hsy-Yu Tzeng
Yen-Hsueh Tseng
關鍵字: 環境態度;課程評估;學習成效;情境教學;Environmental Attitude;Evaluation;Learning Achievement;Situated Teaching
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume 37, Issue3, Page(s) 181-193.
This study was carried on the evaluation of the outdoor education program, "Forest Backpacker Hostel" of Neishuangxi Nature Center, including the circumstance in the center's curricula and the students' learning performance. The pre- and post-test questionnaires were used to evaluate the learning performances and expectations of higher grades students of elementary school students. The results revealed that most students expected to see some plants in forest and for fresh air, also got some new information before joining "Forest Backpacker". After "Forest Backpacker", most students scored higher significantly compared their pretest results in knowledge, attitude and behavior. Besides, when students have more interest of reading and watching TV program about nature, they could get better score in learning performance. Overall, most students enjoyed the program and expressed their strong willingness to participate similar outdoor education. According to the results, the findings could provide Neishuangxi Nature Center as the reference for its program development and for further research.

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