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標題: 查表替換資料隱藏方法應用於脫氧核醣核酸序列與影像
Data Hiding Based on Table Lookup Substitution Method in DNA Sequences and Images
作者: 林恆毅
Lin, Heng-Yi
關鍵字: 資料隱藏;data hiding
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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Hiding secret messages in DNA sequences has become a popular research in recent years. In this thesis, we propose an improved algorithm named the Table Lookup Substitution Method (TLSM) to enhance the performance of an existing data hiding method called the substitution method. Moreover, a general form of the TLSM is proposed, which includes the original method as a special case and completes the theory of substitution methods. Based on this general form, we design several mutated methods that can further improve the performance of capacity and security. After that, we successfully hide messages in images with the principle of TLSM, which shows that the TLSM can be widely used in other digital media. We develop four irreversible hiding methods based on LSB scheme and four reversible hiding methods based on histogram shifting. Experimental results of the TLSM in DNA and images are illustrated and compared then.
其他識別: U0005-1408201313105400
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