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標題: 黑暗裡的幽光-潘綸恩《道聽塗說》中謀殺事件之研究
The Gleam in the Dark: A Study of the Murders in Pan Lun En's "Dao Ting Tu Shuo"
作者: Chao-Hung Lee
關鍵字: 潘綸恩;《道聽塗說》;謀殺;志怪傳奇小說;清代小說;Pan Lun En;"Dao Ting Tu Shuo";murder;Fiction novels;Qing novel
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學中國文學系
Project: 興大中文學報, Volume 36, Page(s) 187-213.
Pan Lun En's "Dao Ting Tu Shuo" was a fiction novel collection written during Qing Daoguang and Xianfeng, and it mainly focuses on portrayals of social affairs. Massive murder cases were collected in this book, which presents social issues at the time and reflects subjective consciousness of Pan Lun En. This research explores murders in "Dao Ting Tu Shuo" and discovers that mentality of murderers was to put someone into fatal position, and most victimizers were victims' kindred relatives. The novel explicitly depicts murder processes and concludes that murder motivation mainly resulted from avarice for wealth and beauty. The above manifest the decline and corruption of governing, human relation, and folk custom, and they also arouse readers' reflection toward the underworld. Furthermore, although such stories tend to emphasize karma as moral reclamation, they inspire people of chaotic age to remain hope toward the society by punishing the evil deeds with the means of legal sanction and lightning strike. Published after Taiping Rebellion, this novel not only comforts the disquieted people but also provids a way to conduct social observation after the middle of Qing Dynasty.

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