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標題: 《華嚴疏鈔》之善財童子參學義探微
Literary Analysis of Sudhana and His Pursuit of Knowledge, as Depicted in the Huayanshuchao
作者: 周玟觀
Wen-Kuan Chou
關鍵字: 清涼澄觀;華嚴疏鈔;善財童子;Chengguan;Huayanshuchao;Sudhana
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學中國文學系
Project: 興大中文學報, Volume 37, Page(s) 193-222.

This study investigated the story of Sudhana, as interpreted by the Tang Dynasty monk Chengguan. The Avatamsaka Sutra: Entering the Dharma Realm the Sudhana literature depicts the story of a Fu City boy named Sudhana and his visit to Manjusri to seek guidances. Manjusri advises Sudhana to enrich his knowledge through traveling to the south. Taking on such advice, Sudhana ultimately discovers theway of Bhuddha. In this study, the notes of the Eighty Fascicles of the Avatamsaka and Yanyichao (notes of the Historical Novel) were examined. The concept of "liweiyuanxiu" (歷位圓修) (achieving enlightenment through self-cultivation) was applied as the study framework for sequentially discussing topics such as people, events,self-cultivation, achieving harmony, and self-cultivation through events. This study explained how Chengguan used the doctrine of Avatamsaka Sutra to interpret the story of Sudhana, allowing readers to understand how Sudhana's trip changed his life. Sudhana, a novice itinerant monk from a holy origin, transforms his quality of life as he travels to acquire wisdom, ultimately discovering the way of Buddha.
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