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dc.contributor.authorBi-Chyn Hanen_US
dc.description.abstractDuring Japanese colonial period, Zu Xi's Jia li and Chen Mingsheng's Jia li tie shi ji chen were the most popular guidance books of rituals followed by Taiwanese. According to Cheng Kaitai's preface of Yowentag edition published in Xianfeng 7th year, the original author of Jia li tie shi was Cheng Richung, an old scholar who could not pass the imperial examination. Chen Mingsheng expanded the content and revised it as Jia li tie shi ji chen. However, the information revealed in the preface was a mistake. Several complete editions were found such as Yowentag edition in Xianfeng 7th year, Tsuifaglou edition in Xianfeng 10th year, Weijingtang edition in Xianfeng 10th year, Hanbaolou edition, Jinwentang edition. Wongshichao's collection at Hong Kong Public Libraries and collection at The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library are fragments. Researchers erroneously informed that Wongshichao's collection was a manuscript and published by Yowentang in Xianfeng 7th year. In fact, Wongshichao's collection was block-printed and only second half left, so there is no information about publication time and publisher. There are two prefaces in Yowentang edition and only one in other editions. After analyzing the context, it is obviously that Cheng Kaitai's preface was written for Cheng Richung's Wu jing lei lien instead of Jia li tie shi. The mistake was made by the bookstore while binding the book. Upon reviewing the people and events in the book, it is concluded that Jia li tie shi ji chen was written by a scholar in the year between Chien Lung and Dao Guang.en_US
dc.relation興大中文學報, Volume 37, Page(s) 223-266.zh_TW
dc.subjectChen Mingshengen_US
dc.subjectJia li tie shi ji chengen_US
dc.subjectCheng Richungen_US
dc.titleBibliological study on Jia li tie shi ji chenen_US
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