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標題: 事件的反既成、既成/實現與能受面向——回應艾恩‧布齊南對德勒茲「超越經驗法則的經驗主義」倫理的評論
Counter-Actualization, Actualization, and Passability of the Event: A Response to Ian Buchanan's Critique of Deleuzian Transcendental Empiricist Ethics
作者: 黃惠瑜
Hui-Yu Huang
關鍵字: event;actualization;counter-actualization;passability;immanence;transcendental empiricism;univocity of Being;事件;既成/實現;反既成;能受;內在性;超越經驗法則的經驗主義;存有的合聲
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 55, Page(s) 125-159.
In Ian Buchanan's discussion of Deleuzian transcendental empiricist ethics, actualization, as a level composed of states of affairs, may have two directions of development. On one hand, actualization may refer to actualized, defined states of affairs; on the other hand, actualization may point to reworked compositions put into effect in states of affairs. Counter-actualization involves both aspects of actualization: it transcends the rigidity of actualized states so as to launch reworked compositions in actualization. By means of Gilles Deleuze's analysis of the concept of the event, Buchanan regards the attitude of willing the event as an expression of counter-actualization, whose resistance against actualized values and initiation of reworked actualization shape "an active mode of ethics." While Buchanan's elaboration reinforces the significance of counter-actualization and its positive effects in reworked actualization, the argument of this paper attempts to focus on the indispensability of a potential, virtual plane in processes of counter-actualization. This potential, virtual plane lays out in disjunctions and resonances between divergent series. If the confronted divergences, disjunctions, and resonances in processes of counter-actualization are taken into account, the operation of the will that wills the event is no longer confined to the activity or passivity of personal will. Distinguished from a pursuit of the autonomy of personal will, the argument of this paper proposes that the intensity of the will that wills the event relies on the extent of exertion of passability and traversability. Passability and traversability display a susceptibility to the immanence of divergent series. Meanwhile, passability and traversability enable the immanence of an individual to impersonally emerge from the "univocity of Being."

在艾恩‧布齊南(Ian Buchanan)對德勒茲(Gilles Deleuze)「超越經驗法則的經驗主義」(transcendental empiricism)倫理的討論中,由狀態所組成的「既成/實現」(actualization)面向包含兩種發展方向:一方面指的是既成的、已定義的狀態,另一方面則指向在狀態中發揮效果的重新組構。「反既成」(counter-actualization)面向同時包含這兩種既成及實現的方向:反既成面向超越既成狀態的僵化,並由此開啟重新組構的實現狀態。藉由德勒茲對於「事件」概念的分析,布齊南將「追求事件意義」(willing the event)的態度視為一種反既成面向的表現,這樣的態度對於既成價值的抵抗,以及重新組構的實現狀態的開啟,型塑出一種「主動積極型態的倫理觀」。布齊南的評論強化了反既成面向的重要性,以及這樣的面向在重新組構的實現狀態中所能發揮的正面效果。本文的論點則希望著重於反既成過程中不可或缺的潛在虛擬平面的存在。這樣的潛在虛擬平面開展於分歧序列之間所形成的斷裂及迴響。如果將反既成過程中所面對的分歧、斷裂及迴響納入考量,追求事件意義的意志運作便不再侷限於個人意願的主動或被動。有別於對個人意願自主性的追求,本文的論點認為追求事件意義的意志強度取決於能受(passability)與能跨越(traversability)的能力施展的程度。能受與能跨越的能力所展現的是一種感受(susceptibility)分歧序列內在性的能力,同時也讓個體的內在性能夠不受限於個人框架,存在於「存有的合聲」(univocity of Being)之中。
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