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標題: 高中女子排球選手心理技巧表現之研究
Research on Psychological Skill Performance for Female Senior Volleyball Players
作者: 張合富
Ho-Fu Chang
關鍵字: pressures management;coach ability;concentration;motivation;confidence;壓力處理;教導;專注;動機;自信
Project: 興大體育學刊, Issue 15, Page(s) 13-27.
目的:探討高中女子排球選手心理表現之情形。方法:本研究以280 位女子排球選手為研究對象。以問卷調查,其得資料彙整後以t 檢定、單因子變異分析、LSD 分析及區別分析方法分析所有資料。結果:甲級球員與先發球員在比賽中的表現,是將壓力視為比賽情境一種挑戰,在失誤時能冷靜思考與自我調整,同時展現出自信的一面;對攻擊手與自由球員而言,應多給予攻擊意向與防守移防之指導,其對於比賽效益會有幫助;對國家代表隊球員應繼續引發球員內在驅力的因子,如此才有可能不斷朝向目標去努力;先發球員與候補球員之預測變項對於不同上場類別具有區別力,其有參考上的價值。結論:對於乙級球員與替補球員及學校代表隊球員而言,在心理技能上未來應強調在技術指導方面與如何加強比賽注意力方法,其中低球齡球員與學校代表隊球員實際顯示,其表現會投以較多注意力於比賽裡。有鑑於此,教練應對於技術上較不熟練的球員應多給予指導與鼓勵,相較於技術水平較好的球員應給予啟發與信念,希冀提供給球員有良好的心理建設,以期發揮更好的比賽效益。

Purpose: It discusses psychological skill of consciousness on self-consciousness and actual performance by female senior volleyball players. Method: The study was adopted by 280 female volleyball players in questionnaires. The two-sample t test, one-way ANOVA, and the LSD method Result: Level-1 players in self-conscious significance on psychological skills can be divided into teaching tendency in first important zone. Level-1 players are better to istinguish from dealing stress, adjusting adversity and confidence in the actual competition. However, on the concentration, the level-2 and school-team players do better during the competition. In addition, bench players can distinguish and much value how to promote attention during the competition. However, about confidence, stress management, and adverse adjustment, starting players actually are better to use psychological skills on training and competition. National team players can distinguish how to value the motivation of participation. Conclusion: The level-2 and starting players will regard stresses as a challenge in the actual competition. When they make mistakes, they can think carefully, adjust by themselves and be confident. In the positive experiences and perfect performances, they can improve their resistance of stress. To attackers and liberos, it should give instructions on attacked tendency and defense in the future. Besides, national team players should keep promoting their potential factors in their minds. About the predicted variables of starting and substitute players, there is discrimination on different types on entering the field. Also, there is a quite difference between self-consciousness and actual predicted rates on national team players; therefore, it is a valuable reference.
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