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標題: 國中生運動參與行為與身體自我概念之相關性研究
A Relative Study of Sport Participation and Physical Self-Concept of Junior High School Students
作者: 羅鴻仁
Hung-Jen Lo
Fong-Chang Lin
關鍵字: sport participation;physical self-concept;運動參與行為;身體自我概念
Project: 興大體育學刊, Issue 15, Page(s) 35-45.
本研究主要目的在瞭解國中生運動行為和身體自我概念之間的關係。藉由參考運動行為與身體自我概念等相關文獻和量表作為工具,以臺中市國中生645 人為研究對象。所得資料以統計套裝軟體執行積差相關、逐步迴歸等統計分析。研究結果顯示:運動行為各層面排序高低為球類運動、健身運動、民俗運動、水上運動、技擊運動;身體自我概念各層面排序高低為整體外表、爆發力、肌力、柔軟度、心肺耐力、肌耐力。此外,運動行為與身體自我概念呈正相關。本研究證實不同的運動行為確實對身體自我概念帶來影響。建議日後有興趣此一領域者可運用質化分析與縱貫式研究進一步檢驗本研究結果。

The main purpose of this study was to understand relationships among the exercise behavior and middle school student's physical self-concept. The researcher of this study applied questionnaires survey, and referring to the documents relating to student's exercise behavior and physical self-concept in schools and the chart of self-made "Questionnaires On exercise behavior and physical self-concept" as the resources of information. The research objects were 645 middle school students in Taichung. The data was analyzed through the methods of Pearson's product moment correlation, Stepwise regression. The results of the research are five factors of exercise behavior were factor of Ball Games, fitness, folklore sports, water sports, and combative sports. Physical self-concept was six factors of overall appearance, explosiveness, muscular strength, flexibility, cardio respiratory endurance, muscular endurance. Other result, the study reveals positive correlation between exercise behavior and physical self-concept. The results of this research state that different exercise behavior of middle school students indeed does influence their physical self-concept. It was suggested that future studies applying diverse physical abilities tests.
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