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標題: 四週800公尺間歇跑步訓練教學方案對不同跑步能力者的訓練成效
Four Weeks of 800-Meter Interval Running Training Teaching Programs for Different Teaching Ability of Running Training Results
作者: 蔡玉敏
Yu-Min Tsai
Chih-Jen Chen
Min-Kun Chen
關鍵字: physical training;running training;weight;體能訓練;跑步訓練;體重
Project: 興大體育學刊, Issue 15, Page(s) 61-69.
目的:探討800 公尺間歇跑步訓練教學對不同跑步能力的訓練效果。方法:以29位男大學生為研究對象,分為較優組有15 位及較差組有14 位,連續四週、每週1 次、每次5 趟、每趟以每分鐘心跳率180 次完成800 公尺跑步、兩趟間休息至心跳率降至140 次。以Pearson 積差相關探討基本身體條件與跑步時間的相關性,以相依樣本t 檢定各組訓練前、後的成績差異,以獨立樣本t 檢定不同組之間各變項的差異,顯著水準設定α = .05。結果:1.較優組訓練後800 公尺跑步時間147.5 ± 6.0 秒比訓練前153.7 ± 6.3秒明顯快6.2 秒,較差組訓練後178.5 ± 4.3 秒比訓練前186.3 ± 5.7 秒明顯快7.8 秒,兩組進步時間只差1.6 秒。2.不論訓練前或後,體重都與跑步時間具顯著正相關。3. 較優組體重明顯比較差組低。結論:本研究800 公尺間歇跑步訓練教學方案有助提升800公尺跑步成績,另外發現減輕體重有助提升跑步成績。

Purpose: This study focused on effectiveness of teaching 800-meter interval running programs for students with different running abilities. Method: Subject were twenty-nine male college students, divided into a good group (GG) with fifteen members, and a bad group (BG) with fourteen members. Program proceeded with 180 beats/ min for one 800-meter-run for five rounds, and rest until down to 140 beats/min between every two rounds, and had this program once a week for four consecutive weeks. Pearson product moment correlations to find the correlation between basic physical conditions and 800-meter run time. Dependent samples t-test differences between before and after training program. Independent sample t-test differences in various variables between GG and BG groups. Significant level was α = .05. Result: 1. After four weeks, GG was 147.5 ± 6.0 seconds for after training compared to 153.7 ± 6.3 seconds for before, with a significantly faster 6.2 seconds. BG group for after training was 178.5 ± 4.3 seconds compared to 186.3 ± 5.7 seconds for before, with a significantly faster 6.2 seconds. There was only 1.6 seconds gap between two groups. 2. Weight was positively correlated to run time regardless of before or after training. 3. Average weight of GG was significantly less than BG. Conclusion: In this study, the 800-meter interval running training programs will enhance 800-meter run time. In addition, weight loss helps to enhance performance.
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