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標題: Development of a Selective Medium for Detecting Ganoderma lucidum in Compost
作者: 林竑廷
Hung-Ting Lin
Tsung-Chun Lin
Jenn-Wen Huang
關鍵字: 靈芝;選擇性培養基;偵測;堆肥;太空包;Ganoderma lucidum;Ling-Chih;selective medium;detection;compost;sawdust waste
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 62, Issue 1, Page(s) 45-64.
The purpose of this study was to develop a selective medium for detecting Ling-Chih, Ganoderma lucidum (Leyss. ex Fr.) Karst. in compost. In 2009, two isolates GL1 and GL3 of G. lucidum acquired from a Chiayi mushroom cultivation field were used to conduct the research. GLS (Ganoderma lucidum selective) medium was developed by amendment of 10% V-8 vegetable juice agar (1 L) with 2 g thiabendazole (40% ai), 200 mg metalaxyl (35% ai), 200 mg streptomycin sulfate, 200 mg chloramphenicol, 1 mg PCNB (75% ai), 1.25 g tannic acid, 10 ml ethanol (95% v/v), and 2 ml lactic acid (85% v/v). The GLS medium rapidly detected G. lucidum in the compost within 2-3 days. Amendment of the medium with tannic acid induced G. lucidum to produce brown halo surrounding the colony as a selective feature. The multiple-pellet soil-sampler method was used to evaluate the sensitivity of GLS medium. The GLS medium was able to detect G. lucidum in the spent sawdust substrate which were 1000-fold diluted in disinfected sawdust substrate. This study concluded that the GLS medium could detect the survival of G. lucidum in the compost, and inhibit the growth of other fungi. Thus, GLS medium was recommended for manufacturers to determine if the compost is a suitable fertilizer.

本研究主要目的在於研發靈芝菌的選擇性培養基,以便偵測廢棄的蕈菌生長基質調製成之堆肥或介質中是否仍有靈芝菌的存活。西元2009年,由嘉義取得的靈芝[Ganoderma lucidum (Leyss. ex Fr.)Karst.]太空包基質中分離GL1與GL3兩株靈芝菌菌株,進而評估七種真菌培養基、十種殺菌劑及兩種抗生素等對兩靈芝菌菌絲生長的影響,藉以研發靈芝菌的選擇性培養基。靈芝菌選擇性培養基(GLS)係利用10% V-8培養基作為基礎基質,並添加2 gL^(-1)腐絕(40% ai)、200 mg L^(-1)滅達樂(35% ai)、200 mg L^(-1)鏈黴素、200 mg L^(-1)氯黴素、1 mg L^(-1)五氯硝基苯(75% ai)、1.25 g L^(-1)單寧酸、10 mlL^(-1)酒精(95% v/v)及2 ml L^(-1)乳酸(85% v/v)配製而成。靈芝菌在GLS培養基生長2-3天可看到白色菌落,且於菌落周圍出現褐色反應。利用多重土丸取樣法分析含有不同靈芝接種源濃度之太空包木屑基質,結果顯示由台中及嘉義取得之靈芝太空包基質以無菌之太空包基質稀釋1000倍後,GLS培養基仍可偵測到G. lucidum的存活。本研究證明GLS培養基,除可自廢棄已久的太空包基質成功分離到靈芝菌外,尚可有效抑制其他雜菌的生長。
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