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標題: 應用FDM模式推估烏溪河口揚塵量之研究
The Study on Estimation of Fugitive Dust Quantity of Estuary in Wu River Using FDM
作者: Long-Ming Huang
Yen-Hsun Chao
Tai-Sheng Chang
關鍵字: FDM;Wind tunnel;Fugitive dust quantity;風洞;揚塵量
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 62, Issue 3, Page(s) 173-201.
The purpose of this study is using FDM (Fugitive Dust Model) to simulate and estimate the fugitive dust quantity of estuary in Wu River. In this study, wind tunnel testing was conducted. Ten measurement points were set along the section of wind tunnel height and using control volume method to re-establish the relation between Wu River fugitive dust quantity (PM_(10)) and wind speed: E = 5.63×10^(-7)U^(2.6952). To cope with changes in area and position of bare lands located at the downstream of Wu River, the calculation of FDM flow field adopts the area source set up. From the verification of mixing layer height parameters, without any sounding data, the mixing layer height estimated with the Nozaki method is more capable of producing better results. As for the selection of weather data, the order for the stations is Sinjhuang Elementary School, Xitun, Changhwa, Shalu, and Siansi. The FDM model execution results show that when the total bare land area source area equals to 2,130,855m^2, the simulation value of the fugitive dust quantity is 8.1μg/m^3-hr, a mere 9.5% deviation from the reference base value of 7.4μg/m^3-hr. Hence it is feasible to use the FDM for the estimation of fugitive dust quantity of estuary in Wu River.

本研究目的在以FDM(Fugitive Dust Model)數值模式,模擬推估烏溪河口揚塵量,研究中並從事風洞試驗,將風洞高度剖面設置10個量測點,以控制體積法進行計算,重新建立烏溪揚塵量(PM_(10))與風速之關係式為:E = 5.63×10^(-7)U^(2.6952);為配合烏溪河川下游裸露地面積及位置之變化,FDM風場計算係採用面源設置,而混合層高度參數經驗證得知,在無探空資料時,採用Nozaki法估算混合層高度能獲得較佳之結果,至於在氣象資料選用之先後順序為新庄國小測站、西屯測站、彰化測站、沙鹿測站及線西測站。經FDM模式執行結果顯示,烏溪河口在總裸露地之面源面積為2130855m^2時,其揚塵量模擬值為8.1μg/m^3-hr,與參考之基準值7.4μg/m^3-hr僅有9.5%誤差,因此,應用FDM推估烏溪河口揚塵量實為可行。
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