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標題: 都會消費者對國產香蕉特徵評價之實證分析
An Empirical Analysis of Consumer's Willingness to Pay for Attributes of Domestic Banana: A Study in Metropolitan Areas in Taiwan
作者: Jong-Wen Wann
Yu-Chen Yang
Wen-Shing Huang
Yen-Fu Lin
關鍵字: Banana;Willingness to pay;Local food;Conjoint analysis;香蕉;願付價值;在地食物;聯合分析法
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 62, Issue 3, Page(s) 251-267.
In recent years, the theory of market segmentation has been gradually used in agricultural products. Using northern domestic consumers in Taiwan as the sample for the empirical analysis, this study uses Conjoint Analysis to measure consumers' willingness to pay for four essential product attributes of domestic banana including: the quality level, environmental consciousness, intellectual and cultural level and the banana-use level.

廠商在市場上展現其差異性已是趨勢所在,市場區隔已逐漸被運用在農產品上。本研究擬以聯合分析法(Conjoint Analysis)為基礎,採用選擇試驗法(Choice Experiment)以針對國產香蕉的品質、環境意識、知性文化、使用利益四大面向對大台北都會區(台北市、新北市)消費者進行消費偏好屬性評價分析。實證推估各種有形或無形特色在樣本心中的地位高低和相對重要性,亦即香蕉各屬性之願付價值(Willingness to pay, WTP)。
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